Friday, April 27, 2007

zebrawood love

I have a way of accumulating things. I fall madly, deeply in love with objects. I tell people that it is limited to chairs and lamps, but between you and I, it extends to clothes, shoes and bedding.

Today's obsession came from a totally unexpected source Now before you dismiss my discount shopping, I give you this beautiful
zebrawood end table for $89.99. I look at it and I think, "we can have a relationship, I'll take you home, we'll be 2-gether 4-ever."

They are by Lay-Z-Boy so I have a feeling
Todd Oldham had something to to with them. (Oh, Todd I'll never forget the time you taught me how to re-cover a chair with a DIY splatter painted canvas, a staple-gun and some ingenuity on House Of Style.)

Further searching revealed these lovely zebrawood dining chairs. Which make me think "You'll look so good in our Sears holiday photo." $129.99 for two.

(but do me a favor and skip the burgundy rug)

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