Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh, sunny day

I'll admit it, San Francisco has fog. For some people this is a problem, for me it is just another reason to wear a pretty sweater. Occasionally though, we have these perfectly sunny days where I could care less that my office is across the street from a tourist trap .

Today, is one of those days and I'm feeling generous. So here you go, my no-fail, adds a skip-in my step outfit.

When I found this sweater at Anthroplogie, I kind of felt like the stars aligned and I should buy a lottery ticket.

(You'll look as pretty as this lady in this sweater for sure.)

Things got even more intense when I found these AG jeans.

I am kind of denim-snobby, probably in reaction to my college years spent in high-end retail. So finding these beauties that didn't even need alterations convinced me that I was being rewarded for all the elementary recesses I stayed inside to practice reading my phonics books.

(Another benefit of living in the fog is being able to wear boots year-round.)

I usually finish this outfit off with my Loeffler Randall Bertie boots.
Not too shabby.

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