Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Virtual Decoration

I wish I had a gazillion dollars to decorate my house with. Right now I am thinking about how my bedroom metamorphosis would turn out if I didn't have to save up for everything.

Let's start with bedding. This much I have already accomplished. Dwell really put my heart a-flutter with their chinoiserie collection so it was pretty hard to choose, but I finally settled on the Camellia duvet. A pattern that proves that grey and yellow were meant to be. TLA even (true love always in yearbook scribble).

Next on the wish list would be the lovely Quinn chair from Room and Board. I sure wish my legs were that sexy.

And while we are appreciating the beauty of form and not worrying about affordability I wouldn't mind a "black box" by Claire Sarembock for the wall. Drooling.

An outfit or a room is only as good as its accessories, so lets throw in this lovely print by Ashley G too! Available here.

A lamp with one of these nature-y shades by Nicolette Brunklaus from Rose and Radish would be perfect as well.

Now if I could only think of a rug to tie it all together....

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