Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Big Eyes Of Margaret Keane

When I was single my room was pale pink with white lacquered furniture. A dressed up room for the girliest of girls with my most coveted Margaret Keane print on the wall.

Most people think of
Margaret Keane's big-eyed children paintings, but I was way more into her paintings of women. In the 60s Margaret Keane was all the rage. A San Francisco artist, she actually sold her artwork under her husband's name, Walter Keane. (Why, I am not totally sure). Luckily, all bad things run their course and they divorced. Afterwards, she wanted full rights to all of her artwork. Walter was a stubborn dude, and lied that the paintings were actually done by him. So Margaret, probably sick of being under Walter's thumb filed a lawsuit, and took her case all the way to Federal court. Eventually, she and her soon to be ex-husband were ordered to a paint-off!

I've heard that Walter Keane said he had injured his shoulder so he couldn't paint, but Margaret settled the whole she-bang by painting one of her signature big-eyed children right there in the courtroom. Well done Margaret! She's still painting and living in Hawaii, but one of my favorite places to visit in San Francisco is the Keane Eyes Gallery across the street from Ghiradelli Square. You have to call to make an appointment but it is well worth it.

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