Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crouching Coffee Table, Hidden Dragon

The crowning jewel of our first apartment was white panther with a glass top resting on its shoulders and haunches. The beast belonged to our dear roommate and coupled with our pinstripe slipcovered couches it was a style we now call shabby-porn or cottage-lair.

Today, we are living without an albino panther in the living room (or roommates for that matter) and our thrift store purchases have become more refined than anything that requires a slipcover. But thinking about our first apartment always reminds us to not take our living space so seriously.

That's why we love these spider and snail cross-stitch kits we found at the Curiosity Shoppe. Inspired by the prolific linoleum-block nature artist Gwen Frosic each kit includes pattern, embroidery floss, needle, 2 pieces of cross stitch canvas, plus the 2 woodblock prints that originally inspired the pattern.

Once framed we think you'll find they're granny in a good way, and organic in a modern way. For $20.00, you'll get the pleasure of pointing them out to your guests (I made that!) instead of praying they don't notice your messy closet. Available here.

The folks over at the Curiosity Shoppe are San Franciscans who also have a fun web journal called Smarts & Crafts where you can be inspired by all the revolutionary crafting going on out there. Make sure you check them out.

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