Friday, May 4, 2007

Tucker everlasting

The title of this post is a tribute to one of the best reads of my 6th grade year. Tuck Everlasting. A book dealing with the very real issue of family and the fountain of youth. Man it was good. But this isn't a post of me rehashing my A+ book report, oh no this is about fashion.

Behold Tucker:

The amazingly talented people at Refinery29 have an article about Tucker, a line designed by Gaby Basora out of New York. She took on creating the perfect, feminine blouse with an obvious panache for vintage, and I am just floored by her genius.

I also love the styling. (Some folks don't like high-waisted trousers, I love them.)

Just look at the drape of these blouses. Pure perfection. You'll look like you didn't even try to look this gorgeous, you just woke up that way.

Check out her dresses and tunics as well. Simply beautiful. Available online here and here.

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