Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pretty Much Just Giving It Away

So I have this heart necklace I've been wearing for the passed 4 years. People ask me about it all the time and I always direct them to the place I bought it and kind of cringe because the price has gone up so much since I first purchased it.

Which of course, is what happens when something becomes desirable. And really I should be super happy for the the designer (Jane Hollinger) because it means she is doing well. You can buy one for yourself here.

So imagine my delight when I came across Sprout Jewelry and saw these similarly inspired necklaces at a very attainable price.

Hello silver bubble necklace for $28.

(Image borrowed from Sprout Jewelry)

I sure would like to get to know you Beach Pebble necklace in silver for $18.

(Image borrowed from Sprout Jewelry)

These silver circle earrings might even convince me to start wearing earrings again for $11.

(Image borrowed from Sprout Jewelry)

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