Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Flor-ed by Zooty Tooth

It's true, my house will never be completely finished. I look at photo shoots of beautiful homes in Domino and I think, "how long have they had their furniture arranged that way?" and "how often do they switch out their artwork?" This impatience probably stems from moving so much. I've been a nomad my whole life. In the last few years though, I have been working toward my own definition of permanence. But it sure is hard not to keep spiffing things up.

Meet my new living room carpet.

Thank you Flor for putting Zooty Tooth in grey and cream on sale for $6.99 a tile. When these beauties arrived the boy let out a sigh. He knew he'd be wrangled into laying these babies down, with my help of course.

We have used Flor before and we love it. We have wood floors so they work especially well. I have never had any slippage or unhappiness with them. The Zooty Tooth looks so amazing in the living room, the whole room appears so much lighter and bigger now.

Here it is in black and white for $9.99 a tile. Tres chic:

The blue and brown is lovely as well (also on sale for $6.99):

ed note: Dear Flor, please do not discontinue Zooty Tooth it is truly your best tile, in my humble opinion.

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david said...

once we opened the box i was worried that it looked a little too industrial. however, once we put it out it looked amazing. great choice baby!