Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another reason I should be crafty

I am always walking the line when it comes to home decoration. My instinct is to be over the top feminine, but I live with a boy who, although very accommodating, probably wouldn't enjoy living in a pink palace. So I try to keep him in mind when I am selecting throw pillows and rugs with tree branches growing across them.

Today, I am inspired by post written by the purl bee about something she calls 'swatch portraits' that is so ingenious I think I may do it myself.

(Photo borrowed from the purl bee)

Embroidery hoops have never looked so beautiful.

(Photo borrowed from the purl bee)

On her blog she gives a step-by-step guide about how to assemble these beauties. My favorite part is that it requires vintage fabric swatches, trips to the thrift store (for the hoops) and Elmer's glue.

I don't think the boy will mind too much.

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